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Experts in the production of high-quality Inks
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Nigeria’s number one ink producer

As one of Nigeria’s leading manufacturers in ink, we have gained a spotless reputation through 35 years of experience in production.

We currently satisfy the needs of 500 companies in West Africa, providing bespoke colours catering exactly to the clients’ needs

We specialise in the production of:

We pride ourselves on the delivery of the highest quality and best performing inks. We offer timely delivery with superior technical support.

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Why Us

The Company has extensive experience in the manufacturing of printing ink. The company’s commitment, hard work and ambition have made it grow manifold and today, successfully services hundreds of customers annually. Emphasis is placed, above all, on customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality products. 


If we aren’t growing, we’re dying – we strive to continue shattering glass ceilings with perpetually technologically advanced machinery, products and a keen spirit toward learning to satiate our customers and their customers’ need.  


Achieved through a modern laboratory with a skilled team, working round the clock for quality and colour consistency of both raw materials as well as finished products. 


Through a strong marketing network, we try to penetrate every corner of Nigeria’s printing inks needs cross-industry. 


With the help of customer & machine specifications, we manufacture high-quality printing inks. 


We consider infrastructure to be the lifeline of the business. We have a strong infrastructure consisting of all the facilities demanded by our manufacturing business, comprises of high-tech machinery, a dedicated, specialized and experienced workforce and a health and safety-first culture. We also have a separate laboratory, equipped with a state-of-the-art range of apparatus to conduct stringent quality tests. Furthermore, we are ISO certified. ISO certification certifies that our management system, manufacturing process, service, and documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. 


High-quality flexography, gravure and metal decorative inks 


“Day-to-day decisions here demonstrate that quality and improvement are top priorities.”

O. OLUWASEYI (Maintenance Supervisor)

“The company motivates me to go beyond what I would in a similar role elsewhere.”

O. MUTIU (Lab Assistant)

“I rarely think about looking for a job at another company.”

A. EMMANUEL (Production)

“I would recommend Olympic Inks Limited as a great place to work. I am proud to work for the company” 

O. John (Production)

“My job allows me to develop new skills”

S. Joshua (Production)

The Olympic Difference

Note from the Managing Director

Our company has been producing inks for over 30 years. Through our experience, determination and appetite for growth we have mastered the industry for producing the highest quality inks. Our top priority is to successfully meet the demand of our customers and we ensure to provide an excellent quality at a fair market price which will meet your products packaging ink needs.

– Shyam Hathiramani

Why pick us?

We work rigorously at research and development to remain at the frontline of quality.

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