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Nigeria’s market leader in the manufacturing of ink, exporting all over Africa.

Our History

Service industry manufacturing inks and coatings since 1986

We pride ourselves on providing customers with efficient logistics and a very comprehensive technical support.

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Olympic Inks was founded in 1986 as a small-scale industry located in Ogun State, Nigeria. Since the start Olympic Inks has maintained a strong commitment to the printing industry.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with efficient logistics and very comprehensive technical support. Moreover, we see the benefits in educating our customers, to ensure that they maximise the full potential of our products. In the early days, 7 metric tons of ink were produced per month.

By 1992 the company had relocated to a bigger site. By 2007 development was further boosted by the addition of the production of Gravure inks (produced in the form of paste and or liquid). In 2020 we launched the opening of our production plant in Kano. Currently production has reached new heights of 400 tons per month, providing Satisfaction to 300 companies across Nigeria.

We are in the process of again upsizing to a bigger site where future capacity will be pegged 600 metric tons per month.

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Meet our Core Team

Passionate people in our team

The heart of our company. As the eldest company in our group, Olympic inks has garnered a wealth of experience

Our Mission

Leading you to success​

At Olympic Inks there is a perpetual commitment towards progress providing top quality products at an affordable price, putting customer service above all. The company attends yearly fairs around the world, discovering the latest equipment and development for production from Japan to Germany and many countries in between. The aim is to remain Nigeria’s number one manufacturer of inks with further intentions to become the top provider of ink for the whole of West Africa.

Our Quality Policy
One stop solutions

Who We Are

The Company has extensive experience in the manufacturing of printing ink. The company’s commitment, hard work and ambition have made it grow manifold and today, successfully services hundreds of customers annually. Emphasis is placed, above all, on customer satisfaction through delivery of high-quality products. 

Our Objectives
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What is your standard packing size?

The standard packaging size comes in multiples of 4kg, 18kg, 20kg, 180 kg drums and 200 kg drums.

What is your payment policy?

The payment policy is a maximum of 30 days

If the customer faces any problem in running your inks, how can you provide technically help?

We provide technical support both over the phone and in person

What printing speeds are advisable for your inks?

Any speed from 50-350 metres per minute

If bespoke colour matching is required, can you do this? What will the customer be required to provide?

Yes we can match any colour code found on the pantone shade chart

Can the heat resistance properties of printed matter be checked?

Yes, through dual time for 1 second only

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